Single Allergen Test

Allergies are commonplace in everyday life and can be triggered by many substances. While many allergies manifest during childhood, some may appear later on in life. Because there are many types of allergic reactions, it is often impossible for an untrained individual to identify potential allergens. 

Allergens are broadly categorized into food, animals, dust, grass, insects, mites and molds. 

As such, the best way to identify allergens are to undergo a single allergen test. These tests quickly isolate substances and measure reactions to help you live a disruption-free life, with results in only 20 minutes.

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  1. Egg White
  2. Milk
  3. Codfish
  4. Wheat
  5. Corn
  6. Sesame Seed
  7. Peanut
  8. Soybean
  9. Hazelnut
  10. Brazil Nut
  11. Almond
  12. Crab
  13. Shrimp
  14. Coconut
  15. Blue Mussel
  16. Tuna
  17. Salmon
  18. Gluten
  19. Chicken Meat
  20. Mustard
  21. Cocoa
  22. Clam
  23. Anchovies


  1. House Dust - Greer
  2. House Dust - Hollister-Stier


  1. D.Pteronyssinus
  2. D.Farinae
  3. Blomia Tripicalis


  1. Penicillium Notatum
  2. Cladosporium
  3. Aspergillus Fumigatus
  4. Candida Albicans
  5. Alternaria Tenuis


  1. Cat
  2. Dog
  3. Guinea Pig
  4. Rat
  5. Mouse


  1. Honey Bee Venom
  2. Cockroach

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